5 Reasons Bunk Beds For Boys Is A Great Idea

Bunk beds are an ever-favourite with both kids and parents alike. A bunk bed is one of those furniture pieces that put the fun in function.

While parents usually look for bunk beds for bedrooms shared by siblings, bunk beds for boys are an option worth considering even for one-kid bedrooms. We’re sure they won’t mind the prospect of an extra bed to hop into whenever the fancy strikes or turn the lower bunk into their personal cave.Bunk Beds

If a bunk bed has been on your kid’s wishlist for a long time, but you’ve been uncertain of making the decision, here are five reasons why bunk beds for boys are a great idea.

So Many Bunk Bed Designs For Boys To Pick From

With so many trending bunk bed designs for boys available to buy, it won’t be tough finding cheap bunk beds for boys. Instead of the ready-made bunk beds for boys, you could also get a made-to-order bunk bed that reflects your child’s personality and interests.

A custom-made bunk bed also helps when you have certain specifications you’d like the bed to meet in terms of placement or area coverage in the room. Besides, a personalised bunk bed allows you to add cool features you may not find in the ready-made bunk beds for boys. You could get a slide installed with the bunk bed or get bunk beds for boys with storage or personalise it with your son’s favourite superhero.

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Fun Bunk Beds For Boys Make Bedrooms The New Happy Place

Sooner or later, every kid pines for a bunk bed in case their friend or classmate just got one or they saw the cool kid in the movie with a bunk bed in his room. Bunk beds for teen boys are trendy too. It may be the unexplainable charm of the top bunk or the lure of literally ‘climbing’ into bed, bunk beds for boys never go out of fashion.

Did you know some theories credit ancient Egypt for inventing the bunk bed? While we’re not sure of the bunk bed’s origins, it’s the military camps that popularised the use of bunk beds thanks to their practical and space-saving features. Perhaps it’s this aspirational association with toughness and a spirit of adventure that makes bunk beds such a favourite with young children.

Save Space With Cool Bunk Beds For Boys

Every urban parent’s dream come true — more space. Besides being attractive to kids, another reason cool bunk beds for boys continue to remain popular is for their space-saving benefits in modern homes. It can get challenging to accommodate full-size or twin beds in an already compact second bedroom of urban apartments. Not to mention the additional space demanded by wardrobes, study tables and other furniture in your children’s bedroom.

The best bunk beds for boys will solve all these problems and more. Stacking up the beds vertically is a helpful hack when you have siblings sharing a room. You can custom-order bunk beds for boys with storage to do away with the need for separate wardrobes. You can utilise the extra space for a study or play area. This will be particularly helpful now that kids are spending more time indoors and attending classes online.

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Bunk Beds For Boys Come With Lessons In Sharing

If you have siblings sharing a bedroom, there’s nothing like a bunk to start early sharing lessons. Depending on your child’s personality, they may naturally gravitate towards either the lower or upper bunk. A bunk bed allows your kids to enjoy their personal space despite sharing a room.

In case both children want the same bunk, usually the upper, the bickering hides a training opportunity. Parents can encourage their children to develop a sharing system, allowing each sibling to enjoy the coveted bunk on a rotational basis. Explaining both bunks’ pros and cons will help them build decision-making skills and the ability to accommodate others’ needs.

Bunk Bed Designs For Boys That Prioritise Safety

When you’re looking for bunk bed designs for boys, don’t forget to consider the bunk bed’s safety features. Make sure to note the slant and support of the ladder or stairs of the bunk bed. Ensure the bunk bed has no sharp edges or corners. Take extra precautions in case you’re assembling a bunk bed. A bunk bed’s upper bunk must always be equipped with sturdy railings of a good height on both sides. Make sure even the side which is against the wall has a safety railing.

A soft night lamp must always illuminate a children’s bedroom that has a bunk bed. The child on the upper bunk may want to get out of bed in the middle of the night and need light to aid him down the ladder. A carpeted floor would be ideal, but you could also place a rug close to the bunk bed. Make sure no ceiling fixtures are installed close to the bunk bed. The upper bunk is not recommended for children aged under six years old.

Bunks beds for boys will prove to be a great addition to your children’s room and one that will turn into their cherished childhood memory. Now that you’re armed with reasons why bunk beds for boys are a good idea and bunk bed designs for boys to inspire your choice, it’s time to reveal the good news to the kids.

Creative Indian Kitchen Cupboard Designs For Your Home

Modern Indian kitchen cupboard designs can be interpreted differently by different individuals. Irrespective of the fact that you choose to remodel your kitchen or set up a new one, cupboards play an integral role in keeping the space clutter-free. A space with a heart and soul of its own, the kitchen is an area where you cook and sometimes even eat in. So, the first decision you need to make when considering an Indian kitchen furniture design is the overall decor.


Some of the most widely chosen categories for Indian kitchen cupboard designs are modern contemporary, vintage and conventional. How it takes off to reflect the design and theme of your home is something that we can help you choose. Here are some design ideas to help you make an informed decision:

Modern Grey Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

One of the most utilitarian cupboard designs for kitchens in Indian homes, a combination of slate grey and beige makes a striking first impression. A mix of calm and luxury, this L-shaped laminate cupboard design can accommodate everything you need in everyday cooking. Its sleek pull-out mechanism holds oil bottles, pickle jars and even your dustbin in place. With a cabinet under the sink, even disposing of the waste is easily accessible.

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Yellow Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

Using different colours within the home has both a negative and positive impact on our moods and personality. So, when doing up a space where you spend a whole lot of your time like the kitchen, it is important to choose bright colours that bring warmth and good vibes into your food. This two-toned yellow kitchen cupboard design with a neutral white infuses character and definition into the kitchen. Whether you are painting or using a laminate for your kitchen cupboards, use a light colour on the top half and a darker shade on the lower half. This will ensure there is a balance of shades in the kitchen area.

Simple White Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

There are several kitchen cupboard designs for you to choose from when doing up your cooking space. And of the best is this European au naturel open kitchen design that creates an ethereal airy vibe while you whip up age-old recipes. Featuring striking white kitchen cupboards and a contrasting black granite top, the kitchen is an elegant mix of monochrome colours. A white textured backsplash instantly uplifts the cooking area, while indoor plants on the slab bring vibrancy to an otherwise monotone space.

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Teal Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

White Indian kitchen cupboard designs have always been a classic choice for homeowners. The combination of teal with white amps up the aesthetics of a space by lending a calming and cool vibe. Whipping up delicious meals while juggling a hundred other things is not easy. This soothing teal kitchen cupboard design brings a modern Scandinavian ambience that will help keep your mind fluid like the waves of an ocean. The use of contrasting aqua tiles as a backsplash play along the textural vibes of the sea to replicate grainy corals floating amidst teal blue waves.

Black Vogue Indian Kitchen Furniture Design

If you are looking to give your cooking space a stylish makeover, this Indian kitchen furniture design checks all the boxes. A sophisticated black matt finish laminate with stainless steel handles on the cupboard brings an old-world glam to the kitchen. Designed with built-in space for not just your utensils but also appliances, this cupboard design is both elegant and timeless. Adding to the glam of the cooking space is a mirror placed on the wall behind the faucet. It reflects the kitchen area ahead to create an illusion of a more spacious room.

When it comes to picking an Indian kitchen furniture design for your home, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that you can follow. From experimenting with vibrant coloured laminates to playing with textured backsplashes, as a homeowner, you have the power to make the final decision. To help you design your dream kitchen, we at Design Cafe are happy to help you with more such inspirations and ideas.

Women’s Day Special: Home Office Design and Decor Ideas

The home office design should be such that it reflects your sense of style and aesthetic. If you like bright, this uniquely feminine home office décor may be for you. Occupying a corner of an open play layout, the workstation is done up in teal in white. Overhead shelves finished in the same colours provide required storage and bring a sense of symmetry and cosiness to the space.

home office

Yellow is used as an accent colour, bringing additional brightness and pop. The desk lamp design is a great example of how you can ensure functionality but with a quirky touch.

Don’t Cut Corners

Can’t spare a room to implement all your home office ideas? Don’t wait for a larger home to turn your home office dreams into a reality. Instead look for an unutilised corner and put on your thinking cap as to how best to use it. Here a floating desk is built as an extension to an entertainment center. Some slick storage, a handy corkboard for all those reminders and notes and ete make it practical and a delight to work at.

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Ain’t No Sunshine When She is Gone

Sunshine can do wonders for our health and productivity. We cannot get enough of the warm and airy look of this bedroom and home office. The room has large windows that are minimally dressed in blinds to make the most of natural light. The workstation is cunningly integrated into the side table in an unbroken line. It faces the window, ideal for enjoying the views. A cheerful colour scheme of yellow and white further enhances the cheeriness of the home office.

Invite Others For A Cuppa

A home office is your private domain, a place where you can shut out distractions. It’s pleasant, though, to be able to invite others over for a cup of coffee. Your significant other may join you or you would like to invite a friend over for a tete-a-tete. A welcoming sofa is exactly what you need for such occasions, as in this example. Not a fan of having visitors to your working space? The sofa is perfect for when you need a break or are battling with a particularly difficult problem at work.

Go For Natural Gold

This feminine home office décor combines two of our favourites – green and gold – transforming a simple trestle table and a few upcycled crates into a gorgeous home office. The space is brought to life by the presence of masses of greenery by way of hanging pots and succulents potted in metal pails. The green adds a lovely sense of calm to the already serene space. Brining gilded luxury are the accents of gold found in the décor such as art-work and soft furnishings. The touches of gold are kept to the minimum proving the rule that often ‘less is more’.

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Pink Is The Colour For Home Office Design

No list of home office ideas for her is complete without a healthy dose of pink. If pink is your colour of choice, there are several ways you can use it. You can go all with a pink themed study or you can use pink as an accent colour. Contrast it with grey and white for a grown up and sophisticated look as in this example. Grey walls are a bold choice especially when paired with a grey couch and desk. The pink rug, star shaped cushions and pink filing systems are brilliant design elements that uplift the room no end.

Be Bright, Be You

The home office design should be such that it reflects your sense of style and aesthetic. If you like bright, this uniquely feminine home office décor may be for you. Occupying a corner of an open play layout, the workstation is done up in teal in white. Overhead shelves finished in the same colours provide required storage and bring a sense of symmetry and cosiness to the space. Yellow is used as an accent colour, bringing additional brightness and pop. The desk lamp design is a great example of how you can ensure functionality but with a quirky touch.

A Minimalist 2BHK With A Touch Of Luxury!

Why do we use white as a canvas? Is it because it’s a neutral medium luxury that elevates everything that is designed on it? Is it because it evokes a sense of balance and calmness to otherwise overpowering palate colours or textures? This is the philosophy that went behind designing Praveen and Shilpa’s dream home. Luxury

You will see the use of white used extensively to ground the design giving it a quiet sophistication making it a timeless masterpiece. The symphony of colours, textures, accents and patterns rides to the calming beats of white in every room. Let’s see how the team at Design Cafe Praveen and Shilpa’s vision into a reality

Come On In

The foyer area of any home is a sneak peek to what awaits inside! Here, we see intricate wall-art that acts as a connector to the dining. The foyer wall is adorned with custom made wall décor made with 3D tiles in black and rose gold. A perfect way to say welcome home!

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A Living Room As Serene As Snow

The white and brown colour theme of this home, accentuated by pops of rose gold motifs scattered throughout the home, define the contemporary design of Praveen and Shilpa’s home. The texture on the wall complements the natural hue of white marble on the opposite wall. Designer switchboards add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. This uber-modern living room features a minimalist TV unit with top and bottom floating ledge for storage and display. The TV unit is backed by a marble panel, an L shaped leather couch, a 3D panel wall and a simple coffee table. And the focal point of this living room is the false ceiling with recessed lights that keeps the entire room bright and lively!

A Modern Dining Room

The dining area adjoining the kitchen has been designed with the warmth of cove lighting and open ledges that blend in harmoniously into the overall theme. This dining room highlights a six-seater wooden dining table with a leather chair, an asymmetrical wall-mounted crockery unit with glass shutters. It is complemented by a marble wall and a false ceiling built with cove lights.

A Minimalist Kitchen In True Sense

The minimalist modular kitchen in a complete white acrylic finish with a black and white island in the centre is a dream come true for all you passionate cooks out there. The pendant lights above the island in rose gold and the black gloss backdrop enhance the interiors of this kitchen design. It features a combination of wall and base units, tall units and an appliance section to match the storage requirements. Use of profile handles, cove light and LED striplights add a touch of luxury!

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A Stunning Master Bedroom

The focal point of this master bedroom is the back panelling in a jaali pattern coupled with golden art leather that’s been used on the headboard. TV-cum-study unit has been designed specifically to display prized possessions! A king-size bed, full-length sliding door in a white high gloss finish and a beautiful combination of pendant and spotlights make this master bedroom functional and elegant at the same time!

An Elegant Bedroom

This bedroom is relatively smaller compared to the master bedroom but our designers did not compromise on style. Back panelling covered with wooden rafters and a false ceiling design follows the same pattern as the wall. Decorative lighting blends with the overall theme of this space. This bedroom also features a full-length wardrobe with basic shutters in frosted glass. Loft storage in high gloss laminate finish provides ample storage.

If you wish to design your dream home just like this beautiful family residing happily in their own reach out to us!

Girls Bathroom Decor Ideas For Your Home

It’s time to get a set decorate! This blog is all about girls bathroom decor. In this blog, we will take through different kinds of girls, bathroom and decor. Read more to know more!

girls bathroom

If you are a girl reading this then you will understand the importance of decor for a girls bathroom. Girls depend on their bathroom not just to bathe but also to get ready in. A girls bathroom is like a walk-in wardrobe filled with accessories mirrors and cute decor that make getting ready a blissful thing to do. If you’re looking for some girls bathroom decor then you have come to the right spot. We at Design Cafe have come with a blog on all about girls bathroom decor. Read more to know more.

A Polka Dot Kind Of Bathroom

Do you like polka dots? If your answer is yes, then we are sure you will love this girls bathroom decor with a polka dot wallpaper! This bathroom is splashed with the ink of pink. To add to this bathroom decor are two S-shaped hooks that are great to hang towels or even clothes on. A white toilet made for ceramics is built next to a matching white ceramic tub. A hovering shelf above the toilet is constructed so that you can place all your shampoos and other toiletries on. There are sink cabinets in pink with a push to open drawers that are super easy to access and store all your cosmetics in.

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Bathroom Decor For College Girls

Are you all grown up and need some space of your own? Well, check out this college girl bathroom decor! If you want a bathroom in pink but want to keep it simple and sophisticated then this is the bathroom you have been looking for. This bathroom has a shower cubicle in shades of pink with a mixture of light pink ceramic tiles and tiny mosaic tiles. This bathroom’s decor has a hot pink grainy background attached with a floating vanity unit in white. If you love to check yourself out this girls bathroom accommodates a rectangular mirror where you can take a good look at yourself.

A Girls Bathroom With Geometric Shaped Tiles

Fon of geometric shapes? Then take a look at this girls bathroom with a hexagonal walled shower cubicle. This girls bathroom has a pink and white colour theme. The first half of the bathroom is where the shower cubicle is located. It has an inbuilt shelf with back panel lighting that makes it easy to identify your toiletries or shampoos. The other half of the bathroom uses white marble to give it an elegant look. A modern white toilet with a shelf on top has been constructed so you can keep all your bathroom belongings.

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A Bath Tub With A Curtain For Privacy

Does a lady at home need some tips on ladies bathroom decor? Well, you have come to the right place! Take a look at this stunning ladies bathroom. It has a soft pink curtain that can be pulled across the tub for privacy. This ladies bathroom has a nice led strip mirror above two twin sinks. This bathroom has a sink cabinet with ample amount of space for storage. Push to open cabinets and shelves with wicker baskets are all a part of this gorgeous bathroom decor.

A Floral Bonanza

If you love everything floral then why not have a floral themed bathroom. Floral motifs are beautiful decor elements as we see in this girls bathroom decor inspired by nature. This bathroom has blush pink tiling across the wall and a floral wall in the cubicle area. This bathroom has a pretty oval mirror so you can get ready in style. This bathroom has a combination of open and closed cabinets.

Valentine’s Day At Home? Try These 9 Simple Yet

As the saying goes, “Two things remain irretrievable – home time and first impressions.” You must not overlook the prominence of front porches for romantic decor ideas. If you have a view outside your front porch then you ought to utilise it. This Valentine’s Day room decor should start right from your door. It’s unexpected, romantic and doesn’t even require much preparation time.


If you’d ask us, all you need to do is have a simple wooden patio bench, some flower decorations on the door and the background wall. You can go for natural creeper plants or flowering vines on the front door to create a fresh ambience that can also double up as the perfect setting for a breakfast date. You can also add a DIY heart decoration with a floral wreath on the door to add to Valentine’s Day vibe.

Decorate A Centre Table And Add Red Or Pink Cushions To Your Sofa

Living rooms are where the most amazing conversations happen. So, in our checklist of Valentine’s Day decor ideas, living room DIY decorations play a crucial role. If you have a comfortable couch or a tufted sofa in your living room then you are sorted with the main decor element! Just add some pink or pastel cushions to the couch and complement the setup with some decor for the room. If you have a centre table you can arrange some flowers and place some memorable photos on it too. Next, you can work on the couch’s background, where you can hang some handmade heart-shaped artwork or origami in shape of birds and flowers to lighten up the mood. You can also buy a ‘Happy Valentine’s’ centrepiece for the living room. While you can go with your regular light shade curtains for the living room, anything in lavender or pink will do wonders for your Valentine’s Day room decorations.

A DIY Tablescape Idea: Rose candlesticks, Flowers And Classy Dinnerware Look Pretty

Now, we all know the stomach is the way to someone’s heart. So, don’t forget to value the importance of good food in your DIY valentine’s day room decorations! However, along with good food you need to set up an appealing tablescape decor. If you are someone who believes in all things subtle and understated then this one’s for you.  Set up your dining table with flowers and pastel-coloured tablescape. Rose candlesticks, floral centrepiece, classy dinnerware together make a perfect ensemble for this. But if you are on the dramatic side, feel free to add vibrant red as accents or decor to the table. You can also twist things up with the right set of dim and romantic table lighting to create a restaurant-style cosy dinner setting. You can also remodel your dining chairs by adding a matching table and chair covers with some comfortable cushions. For a breakfast or lunch date, you can choose to opt for a subtler setup but if you are looking at an evening dinner date, don’t hesitate to include some dramatic surprises.

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Decorate Your Balcony With Quirky Lamps And Fairy Lights

We know this might be a little too specific considering all of us may not have the luxury of a beautiful balcony. But, if you have one, add it top in the list of your homemade Valentine’s Day room decorations! Flowers, plants, fairy lights, a cosy couch, quirky table lamps – you can have it all! Bring nature to your balcony with hanging flower pots and flowering vines. If your balcony is wide enough to fit a small bed, arrange a canopy style bed decoration to set up your perfect private corner! If you have a balcony swing, decorate it with plant creepers and fairy lights. Balcony dates can be great for day time picnics as well as intimate conversations. And yes, don’t forget to include a piece of slow romantic music in the background. Always remember fragrance and music play key roles in creating romantic Valentine’s Day room decorations.

Pastel Coloured Bed Linen For Your Bedroom Is A Simple DIY Hack

Your bedroom where you can go over the top with romantic decoration. You can go with pretty bed linen in red or lavender. You can also go for lace or floral printed bedspreads with flower petals and candles as surrounding design elements. You can even add a soft textured floor carpet in the same colour as in the bedspread. In our list of DIY valentine’s day room decor ideas, we bring to you a bedroom decor that is both easy and impressive. A pastel toned room decor with DIY heart-shaped table crafts can never go wrong. You can choose an old school study table lamp along with hand-printed lampshades. Don’t forget to match the bedroom curtains with the rest of the setup. There are many other ways you can detail your  romantic bedroom decorations as per your taste and personality. A quick tip: try adding decorative elements that would feel more personal to your relationship.

You Can Even Try Some DIY Art Pieces To Woo Your Partner

Nothing looks more romantic than handmade craft pieces. So make your partner feel extra special with DIY art pieces for homemade Valentine’s Day decorations. While most room decorations for this special day will oversee the entire room’s setup this point will accentuate the romance with detailing. You can incorporate easy DIY craft design elements like a paper made ‘LOVE’ banner or some handmade love notes. You can also add greeting cards, love letters, paper lanterns, and tree branch crafts to set up the room with some simple decorations for Valentine’s Day. And though simple handmade art will feel most personal to your partner!

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A DIY Heart Shaped Cut Out As Wall Decor

Walls are the most significant aspect of DIY room decorations. So let your walls speak, express and shower love! The best wall decoration ideas include hanging photos, frames with romantic quotes, abstract art and DIY heart decorations on the wall. In our selection of Valentine’s Day home decor, we thought of bringing something simple and easy to work at home. You can create metallic, wooden or even rubber-based heart frames to style up your walls. If you have light coloured walls, you can go with DIY red heart decoration frames for your living and bedroom walls.

Decorate Your Bedroom Walls With String Lights

Bookshelves and racks are great to decorate. You can place Valentine’s special handmade greeting cards and photo frames on the shelf. You can also add some books with pink and red covers to mellow up your room’s decoration. For the evening decorate your bookshelf with some fairy lights. You can add candles and small lamps on the shelves too. The bookshelf will bring in a classy vibe to the rest of your DIY Valentine’s Day room decorations.

Valentine’s Room Decor Ideas With Lights

Lit up the romance this Valentine’s Day with the perfect lights. Not too bright and not too dim. Choose lights that go along with your romantic flow. You can use some of your Christmas decoration lights especially those copper string lights you tucked away after Xmas. And if you are planning to go for some DIY lighting decorations, you can work on heart-shaped balloons and wrap them with wool and fairy lights. There are several ways to style your space with lights so feel free to explore and implement. You can also come up with some hand-painted lamps and handmade scented candles. For the dining area, you can use dimmer ceiling lights or hanging lamps with warm led lights. For your bedroom opt for wall hanging lights to decorate the area behind the headboard.

So, there you go! We just spiced up your 2021 Valentine’s plans with these simple yet quirky DIY room decoration ideas for February 14th. Whether you like to keep things simple or pep things up a bit we have given you some lovely handmade and romantic suggestions! So, start planning a little early and get ready to dress up your home for the big day.

Big Kitchen Laminate Backsplash Ideas for your Home

Every kitchen deserves to look its best. And that’s why a laminate backsplash is an important part of the kitchen decor. A kitchen is a place where not only cooking happens, but memories are made. A kitchen is where fining, chopping, and mixing takes place; a kitchen is a place where salt and sugar are sprinkled to top up the dish with a fine taste; a kitchen is a place where a thousand meals and memories are made.

Why a Laminate Backsplash


We at Design Cafe have come up with a blog post on laminate backsplashes for your kitchen. Read now to know more.

A Colourful Laminate Backsplash Idea

If you are a person with a fun-loving attitude, these laminate backsplash ideas will surely bring a smile to your face! This super cute kitchen has a multicoloured laminate backsplash. This laminate backsplash is made with earthy hues of the colours dark blue, orange, red, yellow and light blue. This kitchen has bottom cabinets in a pastel green colour, which have a push-to-open mechanism.

The space has overhead shelves with glass shutters and LED strip lighting. This kitchen has an ample amount of storage space above and below for hassle-free storage. This kitchen comes with a tall unit with space for an oven, which is great if you love baking. Large windows to the side of the kitchen provide the cooking space with sufficient light and ventilation. This kitchen has recessed lighting and vitrified white tiled flooring.

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A Popping Yellow Backsplash Panel

Does your personality spell out ‘friendly’? If yes, then this laminate backsplash panel might just suit you right! This modern kitchen has a bright, bold yellow-coloured laminate backsplash. With this laminate backsplash in your kitchen, you can count on a cheerful and friendly ambience that takes your blues away. This modern kitchen has a seamless frosty white countertop with an ample amount of space to keep your jars and other kitchen items on.

This kitchen comes with bottom and top cabinets in a stunning brick red colour. The bottom cabinets have a push-to-open mechanism, and the top comes with transparent glass shutters. This kitchen boasts of shelves with LED strip lighting, which makes it easy to store and access jars.

A Bohemian Backsplash In A Bohemian-Inspired Kitchen

If your home has a bohemian twist to it, we can help your kitchen have a bohemian touch too. Take a look at this super cool bohemian laminate sheet backsplash. Get the hippy vibes going with this backsplash in your kitchen. This cooking space has a blue theme, with blue bottom cabinets and drawers. The bottom cabinets and drawers have a push-to-open mechanism. A blue skirting drawer and a push-to-open carousel are also provided in this kitchen. It has wooden panel work on its ceiling. This kitchen also has a tall unit with room for an oven.

A Retro Laminate Backsplash

Like to go retro? This kitchen comes with a retro theme and a retro laminate backsplash. This kitchen is designed in a beautiful array of pastel colours. The room has tons of room for storage with overhead cabinets in pastel pink. A white laminate backsplash brings this kitchen together with spoon hooks on the side for hanging spoons. This kitchen has shelves with transparent glass shutters so you can store all your goodie jars. The kitchen comes with a clean white marble countertop and wooden flooring in light wood.

A Brilliant Black-And-White Backsplash

Need a trendy twist in your kitchen? If yes, then check out this black-and-white zig-zag patterned backsplash which looks stunning amid the wooden top and bottom cabinets. This kitchen comes with a wooden panel ceiling and wooden flooring. Two beautiful drop-down lights in a dome shape fall elegantly from the ceiling. This kitchen comes with wooden shelves to help you keep your kitchen confectionery within easy reach.

If you have enjoyed this read on kitchen laminate backsplash ideas for your home, let us know by reaching out to us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Pros And Cons Of Wood Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen wood countertop finish despite being an old fashioned design idea is still in style. Although marble, granite and various other materials top the list with homeowners looking to revamp their kitchen’s interiors, wooden kitchen countertops are loved for their classic style. After all, the rustic, warm texture and vintage charm of wood kitchen countertops are unmatchable.


However, wood kitchen countertops also have a few limitations that you must take note of if you are planning to get them for your home. Here’s a quick guide for knowing all about wood kitchen countertops:

Understanding The Style Of Wood Kitchen Countertops

If you are planning to get a wood kitchen countertop then you are going to be spoilt for choice. There are simply incredible alternates, varieties that you could choose from and you can always overhaul it with a quick upgrade.  Further, there are umpteen textures, styles which include end grain, flat grain, edge grain that you can rely on. If you like fabricated countertops then you can even go ahead with borders, checkerboard patterns, inlays, stripes that are crafted by making use of umpteen varieties of wood.

The detail and craftsmanship of each type of wood is different and you can pick the one that suits your kitchen and sensibilities. There are various options like oak, teak, walnut, bamboo, maple that you can pick for the countertop and they would really add character to your modular kitchen. As per the weather of your city, any vendor would help you out in picking the right wood for your kitchen countertop or you could even book our consultation for the same.

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How Durable Are Wooden Kitchen Countertops?

Mostly, wood is soft and robust. If it is granite or a marble countertop then it is prone to damage because of fragile knick-knacks. However, wood kitchen countertops can withstand fragile items and are comparatively robust. Conversely, wood countertops could easily get scratched or cracked. Therefore, it needs to be maintained really well. The saving grace is that in case of subtle cracks, damage, wood countertops can be repaired by sanding and get fixed.

How To Protect Wooden Kitchen Countertops?

Unlike popular opinion, wood kitchen countertops can be easily maintained. You simply need to be sure about its finish. Mostly, mineral oil is recommended to coat the surface of the wood as its smell is neutral and the texture is colourless. The only issue is that it requires monthly maintenance. For an effective wooden kitchen countertop finish, you need to apply a coat of mineral oil every six months. Also, in order to be double safe, you can use the wooden countertop as meticulously as you use a table.

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What Damages Wood Kitchen Countertops?

Moisture that accumulates around the sink can easily damage wood countertops. Ensure to coat the area with the help of a water-resistant finish. This would protect it from getting blackened and save it from splits, warps and more.

Why You Must Consider A Wooden Kitchen Countertop?

Wood as we all know is an organic material. A kitchen countertop made from wood works really well as a sustainable, green-building design. Moreover, many varieties of wood are fully renewable, recyclable and hence can be easily used for countertops too. Despite the carbon footprint of a wooden kitchen countertop, it expends lesser energy against a solid, laminated countertop.

Some Splendid Sofa Colour Combinations For Your Home

You all know you can’t live without a couch to crash on in the living room! Doesn’t a sofa set at your home make life much easier? How do you ask? Well, imagine if you came from work or just finished a crazy kids birthday party where are you likely to crash?


That’s right, your sofa set. It’s time to choose the right sofa colour combinations for your home and we at Design Cafe are here to help. Take a quick read on our latest blog and we are sure you won’t regret it. Hurry up!

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Let Us Introduce You To A Rich Blue Sofa Set

Do you have a pearl white floor in your living room? Are you procrastinating on what sofa colour combination you should go with? Well, we have a luxurious and elite option of sofas that you can combine and bring the richness of your living room to the next level. This modern living room with an accent wall, a false ceiling made with wooden panelling work and a combination of the cove and recessed lights deserves something that fits well with its posh ambience. A modern tuxedo sofa with a button back in rich velvet combined with a single white sofa makes a beautiful sofa colour combination.

Black, Bold And Always Beautiful

If you love jet black combined with a dark grey, then this two-tone sofa set will set your mind on fire. Here we see a white-walled living room with a smart wooden panel flooring comes a patterned floor mat with rustic colours that goes well with this black and grey sofa set colour. To add a pop of brightness amidst all the dark tones, golden yellow plush pillows bring in a fun twist to this sofa set.  A glass coffee table with a metal frame adds to the classiness of this living room.

Why Not A Bubble Gum Blue Sofa For You?

Tired of the same old blue tones of sofas that warehouses show you? Well, let us introduce you to a brilliant new blue! How about a bubble blue sofa set colour. It’s always a good thing to experiment, think about it. You have one life, why live it simple when you can go bold right? This gorgeous living room with a coffee brown accent wall makes for a lovely contrast when it comes to the sofa set colour. It oddly yet uniquely goes well with a bubble gum blue sofa set in front of it.

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Don’t Ever Underestimate The Beauty Of A Olive Green Sofa Set

Ever wondered how an olive green colour sofa set would look in your living room? Let us show you what an extraordinary colour it is and how wonderfully it blends into the ambience of your living room. If you have brown-toned, beige, off white or even frosty white walls, then an olive green sofa set will set in well. Although you might be a bit hesitant do take a look at this living room. Shades of brown painted walls, wooden panelled flooring and a grand metallic chandelier welcome this olive green sofa and allow it to sit with elegance in its unique colour. Time to give your living room a chance, So? Are you ready for an olive touch?

Let Golden Colour Of This Sofa Set Amaze You

You will be surprised with some sofa colour ideas that are stunning. Take a look at this sofa set in golden yellow. Now, who would have ever thought it would look this amazing. Well, it does! If you are a fun-loving family, who does not mind a punch of brightness in the living room this sofa set is sure to bring you smiles. In a living room with arched windows, a patterned mosaic wall and an aqua pouffe, this edition of yellow coloured sofa set fit right in.


These are some of the questions that are frequently asked by our clients:

1. What is the best colour for your sofa? 

A: Well if you are scared of stains and have kids we would suggest opting for dark coloured sofas. But if you love light hues then that’s fine too. However, do keep in mind the maintenance light cloured sofas come with

2. What colour sofas are in style? 

A: Eye-popping colours are now trending. A green, red, yellow, olive, bubblegum blue sofa are some colours you can choose from.

3. What coloured curtains would go with a dark brown sofa? 

A: Olive will also go great as contrast as well as light colours like creams, light browns and white.

These what we at Design Cafe think are some excellent eye-popping sofa colour combinations for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read.

How To Clean Your Upholstery At Home

Like we do our dusting, mopping and sweeping it’s also super important to know about how to clean furniture and keep it looking as good as new. Cleaning upholstery is not as complicated as you thought and we at Design Cafe will show you how.


The Meaning Of Furniture Upholstery

Let’s take a look into what upholstery is, for many of you may not be aware of this word. Upholstery is padded coverings or textile fabric or any other material that is used in the making of furniture. Upholstery can also be used for home decor items like pillowcases and curtains.

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Fantastic Furniture Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning your furniture at home, it’s common to fret and stress when you don’t know how to go about it. We at Design Cafe have come with some furniture cleaning tips that will help you keep your furniture clean, dust-free and neat at all times. Before you start with cleaning furniture upholstery, you need to know what sort of material you’re dealing with and make sure you read the tag that comes with cleaning instructions. Some tags include certain abbreviations for instructions on how to clean furniture like:

  • X — Means this furniture can be cleaned only with the use of a vacuum.
  • W — Means you can clean the material using water
  • S — Means no water is to be used in the cleaning of the furniture. You’ll need a special solvent-based cleaner
  • WS — This means you can use water or a solvent-based cleaner to clean your furniture

A Smart Sofa Cleaning Solution

Stain and mark removals from furniture can be a major pain, so that’s why we have come up with some sofa cleaning solutions for various upholstery furniture that are easy and quick.

  • Fabric upholstery: To clean fabric upholstery all you need to do is mix 1/4 cup of vinegar, 3/4 cup of warm water and one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Add this DIY solution to a spray bottle and use this spray on stains. Once sprayed clean the stains off with clean wet cloth and then let it dry.
  • Leather upholstery: To make sure your leather upholstery is as good as new, use this solution. Mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/4 cup vinegar and put this DIY solution into a spray bottle. Time spray the new cleaning solution on the couch and clean it off with a dry cloth.

Synthetic upholstery: To clean synthetic upholstery make a DIY solution by mixing 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, 1/2 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Add this new-made solution to the spray bottle and spray it on the dirty area. Now scrub it off with a clean cloth. Mist the soiled area and scrub with a soft cloth till the stain is gone.

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How To Dry Clean Sofa At Home

Many of you might be wondering how to dry clean your sofa at home. Good question as dry cleaning furniture at home saves quite a few bucks. You will be happy to discover that there is a way you can dry clean your sofa or fabric-based furniture at home without too much trouble.  What you need is the following:




Now what you need to do is to add about a tablespoon of shampoo into it and mix it well. Use a loofah to get that foaming texture. Once your solution is ready, take the loofah with foam and scrub your furniture lightly and softly to clean the fabric. Once this is done, use a wet cloth and wipe off the foam. The last step is to keep the furniture out in the sun for about 2-3 hours to dry. It might take more time depending on the fabric. You can also keep it indoors under a fan and wait till it dries. So it’s as simple as this to dry clean your furniture at home. Ready to get started?

How Can You Disinfect Your Sofa After Having The Flu?

The sniffles can be quite contagious, and you wouldn’t want to spread the sneezes around, especially in the current climate. So let us teach you how you can disinfect your sofa after the flu. Furniture cleaning is super important after a flue and especially after this COVID-19 breakout. It’s a must you need to take extra care of yourself and others around you at home.

Handy Tips

1. There are many disinfectants that can be easily found in supermarkets or hardware stores that you can use on your furniture based on the kind of fabric it’s made up of.

2. Dry clean at home using some shampoo and a loofah. Scrub your furniture gently and leave it out in the sunlight.

3. Hydrogen peroxide is great to clean furniture but you need to do a patch test just to make sure there is no colour fading involved.

4. Keep a spray filled with water and essential oils to refresh your home as it keeps the furniture smelling great