Here Is A Young Modern Kitchen Design Just For You!

New Young couples with cheerful personalities here is something for you! They say a kitchen is where love happens and magic ignites! We say make magic and let love ignite in a young modern kitchen design like this one!


If you are those couples that are raring to go you will enjoy this kitchen in your home to the fullest.

A Magnificent Modern Kitchen Design

Unless it’s tears from chopping up an onion, the kitchen is the last place you want to tear up. I mean you wouldn’t want an extra dose of fresh human-generated salt, would you? This fun and warm modern kitchen design is displayed in our Mumbai experience centre. This small space modern kitchen design brings out a warm and cheerful personality that makes cooking and spending time in it very worthwhile.

Sweet Yet Small Modern Kitchen Design

This small space modern kitchen is perfect for two! This kitchen provides you just enough space to fit in a personalised dining table and make it a memorable place for thousands of meals yet to come! Time to build memories over meals, you know what we mean? Bon appetit! Check out this picture of another small modern kitchen design.

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Make Some Magic With A Modern Kitchen Design Idea

If you have a mind of a minion, the use of colour or combination in this kitchen won’t disappoint you. We have decided to go bananas with this modern kitchen design idea. The use of eye-popping colours like yellow and a splash of blue added to the interiors give it a bold on bold minion look. People often have a misconception that two bold colours won’t look good if used together – now that’s just a myth! As you can see, two bright colours blend beautifully complementing one another and bringing out the best look.

The Ultra-Modern Kitchen Design

This ultra-modern kitchen design has subway dado tiles that are super easy to clean and maintain. Eye-catching yellow open storage shelves will lend a hand when it comes to storing planters or jars with whatever you please. Also great to store cookbooks!

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Pep Up The Place

Let your artistic side go wild with this new modern kitchen design. Your kitchen does not need to be mundane and boring. Add some quotes or stickers – they only help boost your mood up which we think is essential while cooking.

So this is how a young modern kitchen looks and feels. This modern kitchen design is one that is loved and looked forward to having among new and fun-loving couples.

Monsoon Home Decoration Ideas For 2020

Monsoon are beautiful. Heavy splashes of rain, tough winds and droplets on windows – all of these make for pleasant days and nights. Yes, they are cold and dewy and sometimes the weather does get foggy, however, the beauty that monsoons behold is unlike any other season.


We at Design Cafe have come up with some interesting monsoon decoration ideas for your home this season.

Drive Out The Glooms With A Pop Of Colour This Monsoon

When monsoons hit they can get quite gloomy and sometimes affect your mood. But every problem has a solution. And that’s why we have this colour-popping monsoon home decor idea that you can consider and wave your blues goodbye! The living room is a place where you all tend to spend a lot of time be with family or friends so pep the place up with colourful pillows, woollen bean bags and a nice warm abstract floor mat! Trust us, because this monsoon decor idea will cheer you up for sure. After all, colours impact how we feel too.

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Take The Monsoons To Your Bedroom With These Monsoon Decor Ideas

If you belong to a large population of people who love the monsoons so much that you bring an essence of greenery right into your bedroom, then this monsoon decor idea is for you. Let the theme of the monsoons seep through with leaf printed sheets, a quilt with a forest green armchair and woven footrest, and a block of wood as your side table.  Now your room is sure to spell out monsoon in every way. The indoor brings in lots of freshness to add to the greenery!

Dry Your Damps In Style

The monsoons come with a lot of pitter-patter raindrops as you all know that can get your home all damp and icky. Walking in straight in with a raincoat and umbrella dripping wet is not such a wise thing to do. So as part of this rainy season decoration idea, we thought it would be great to invest in an umbrella stand and coat hanger! Let the damps dry in a corner and save yourself a mopping cycle! Cool isn’t it?

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Candle Light And Scents Of Delight As Monsoon Home Decor

The monsoon season, as much as you love it, does leave the smell of damp fungi behind. These monsoon tips for your home can leave your house smelling like heaven even through this season. How is that possible? Well, super simple scented candles, fresh flowers and incense sticks are sure to do the trick.

A Whiff Of Freshness Indoors

Monsoon season is the best time to grow your own set of greens be it indoors or outdoors. Monsoon plants for your home can elevate the level of oxygen within your home. Some like to place plants in their bedroom and like to enjoy a sniff of freshness every now then. So don’t hold back to bring a whiff of freshness indoors!

Gorgeous Wall Showcase Designs for Your Home

Walls Designs are blank canvases. They connect and fortify, build and relive memories. Walls are purely functional, forming the core that connects homes, and different functional spaces to bring them together in a cohesive whole. Walls aren’t to be taken lightly. The way in which you decorate and embellish it can either lift the mood of your home or create spaces that define the overall look.


Wall showcase designs emphasise the look and feel of walls. There are several ways to make them beautiful and attractive. When we design our home we often begin by putting together collectibles. A bunch of paintings, photographs, some art or handicrafts to fill up blank walls. This creates a haphazard look and feel, a disconnect that can ruin a beautiful home. With a majority of urban Indian homes having limited space, placing items on the floor doesn’t make much sense. It is best for them to make wall showcases to display items, place important gadgets and show pretty items.

Blank walls are designer ready. They don’t need much work yet when designed well can make a home look cosy or minimalist, traditional or rustic. The decor and designs have to match with the theme you’re trying to convey in order to make the entire space stand out. As a homeowner, designing wall showcases is easy, provided you know what is to be done with them. We have all the information you need about wall showcase designs and the myriad ways to embellish them.

Wall Showcase Design For The Hall

The living room is a space that showcases a home. Obviously then, its walls and interiors must be done in the best way possible and be put together in line with the decor and furniture. If the design is modern minimalist, then the decor will reflect straight lines and minimal distractions. Similarly bright, psychedelic interiors do well with strategically placed mirrors and lighting. Whatever your desired look maybe, below are a few amazing ideas for wall showcase designs.

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Photographic Wall Showcases

Photos are a must in every home. Most of us collect them to reminisce, gather memories, keep track of the passage of time as reminders. Showcases that are full of photographs are reminiscent of traditional homes. They can be glass encased or free and floating, a collage of pictures or solitary frames. They help in giving context and an old world charm to your living room.

Be Sassy With Statement Hallway Showcases

A hallway can be designed as an extension of your living room or as a standalone with photos, paintings, wall scones or curios placed on wall shelves. The hallway can showcase gorgeous wall designs, especially since it leads to the interiors of a home and showcases are a great way to fill it up.

The Wonder Of A Wall Mounted Showcase

Wall mounted showcases are furniture designs that hang on walls and do not stand on their legs. They are easy to get done, fix and maintain. Wall mounted showcases come in a variety of finishes and styles. There are those that are completely closed and provide utilitarian use. Outer doors are designed in traditional or modern styles, keeping the structure simple.

Indian Style Wall Showcase Designs

Showcase designs for Indian homes can go from simple to elaborate, ordinary to embellished. These standing showcases are found in almost every home, a legacy of traditional lifestyles and reminiscent of times gone by. Whether small, long, tall or heavy, showcases have been used since forever to store knick-knacks and curios, photo frames and keepsakes, vases and music systems. They have come to become altars for memories, past, present and future. In the present context, Indian style wall showcases are versatile in designs and have come to be more quirky, inventive and creative reflecting the moods of the home. They are either open shelves or closed, and made of wood or MDF, in a gloss or matte finish.

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Free Floating Showcases

Set into the wall horizontally or vertically, floating showcases complement modern interiors. They are simple, fuss-free and can be adorned with a few curios that enhance the look of the room. Floating showcases are made of light wood or even metal. Their sturdiness and structure allow for more storage and imaginative displays.

Television Showcases Are Trending

One of the most popular showcase designs. TV’s need bigger niches and shelves for placing gadgets, apart from books and knick-knacks. Modular showcases are very popular. They can be stacked ceiling to the wall with gadgets and appliances or crafted small just for this single one. Sturdiness is the main criteria for television showcases.

How to Pick the Perfect Bathroom Paint Colour?

Unfortunately, ‘C’ is the most common answer to the above question. Update your bathroom to make it tranquil, trendy or anything you want it to be with a simple paint job. Here are some tips on choosing the colour for your bathroom.bathroom

Check samples in bathroom

Some bathrooms have plenty of natural light while some have none. This makes it tricky to pick the right paint colour. To get it right, go through the samples in the bathroom itself.

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Go with the flow and the floor

Ask around to find out what are the popular bathroom paint colours with designers, architects an builders. If a particular colour is being picked over and over, it’s probably because it looks best in artificial light. Also, make sure to choose colours that blend with your floor tiles or compliment them.

Pampering Pastels

If you want every bathroom visit to feel like a pampering spa-like experience, pick a soft colour like light seafoam green. Baby blue is associated with the sea and sky and hence promotes tranquillity. Use white or beige in some places for a contemporary look. For example, let the ceiling be white and the walls be soft green.

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White and Accessorize

If you like to dress up your bathroom with potted plants, straw baskets, fancy light fixtures or decorative tiles, bright white paint may not be as boring as you’d think.


If you want your bathroom to have a more energetic vibe, use one or two bright colours like orange or dark blue. If you want to tone things down, let your sanitary ware and other pieces in the room be white. But, if you don’t want to make that bold a move but still want a more upbeat feel, let the paint colour be white be beige and throw in some fun-coloured floor mats, shower curtains and linen.

Wall Design Ideas to Add Personality to Your Bedroom

If you feel like your bedroom décor has become boring and old-fashioned or it lacks personality, and you want a little refresher – look no further than the walls. Whether you want to get one wall painted, add some posters or even put up a mirror, here are some ways you can change the vibe of your bedroom.


Metallic Look

Metallic wall texture paint gives your bedroom a touch of elegant glamour. You can have one wall coloured the shade of old copper or a plain colour with specs of gold. For the best effect, choose the focal wall for the metallic wall texture and use a darker base paint over the other walls.

Diamond Pattern

Diamond or Harlequin patterns give the bedroom a sophisticated look. A new trend is to apply this in an Ombre Effect for a chic look. An alternative would be the checkerboard pattern to add drama with a hint of sophistication.


Abstract Art Display

If the wall behind your headboard is used to display artwork, keep the paint colour simple. Adding texture or bright colours might be a little over the top.

Chalkboard Wall

This is a great idea for the children’s room. Having a black wall that doubles up as a chalkboard makes the room fun and functional.


Consider painting one wall with a map of the world. This can be educational and can also help you plan the next family vacation.

Wall Tapestry

A quick way to fill an empty wall would be to hang a wall tapestry. Depending on the print and the shades, this can add the right amount of texture to create an inviting sleeping space.



A great way to make the bedroom look fresh and feel cozy is to add some planters to the walls.

Monochromatic Photographs

To make the room meaningful, get a few special photographs blown up and changed to black and white. Put them in black or white frames and hang them behind the bed.

Fun Frames

Another way to add some colour and memories to the wall would be to hang pictures, travel momentos, maps, etc. in no particular structure, behind the bed.

Cozy Kitchen: Inspiring Design Ideas for Small Kitchens!

Design Have you always dreamed of having an amazing kitchen with lots of space, amenities and aesthetics but now, stuck in a home with a small one? Well, as the saying goes – size doesn’t matter and it definitely does not!Design

Here, we will prove it to you with these inspiring small kitchen designs.

Balance Functionality & Style

It is important to know that while renovating your kitchen to make it stylish and modern, you should also maintain the balance with functionality. Because what’s the use of a non-functional stylish kitchen?

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Shelving Over Cabinets

Cabinets take up too much space, so the best option for small spaces is that you choose open storage. You can use shelves and colour coordinate your utensils to make it look better.

Foldable Tables

If adding a table would stuff you in the kitchen, we suggest you install foldable tables so that you can open it up when you have to eat and fold it back when you have to cook.

Fool the Eyes with Lighting

Installing attractive lighting will shift the focus from the size of your kitchen and also make the space seem brighter and larger.

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Rack the Pots

An easy trick to save space and be organized is to install a rack above and hang all your pots.

Eye-Candy Flooring

When you step inside a room, the first thing you notice is the floor. So invest your time and money to install good quality and visually appealing flooring.

Chairs out, stools in!

For small kitchens, the suited choice for seating arrangement is stools. They can multitask as bag keepers and also fit right in.

Home Re-modelling vs Renovation – What’s the Difference?

Home If you use these words to mean the same thing, you fall into the 75% bracket of the population that does the same. So we might have made up those statistics – but only to make you feel better about not knowing the true meanings (and slight differences) of those words. Here’s how remodelling and renovation are different:



To remodel something is to change the form or structure. That means, remodelling usually involves transforming the design and structure of a certain space or room. For example, if you want to remodel your bathroom, you’ll be changing the layout, the function or appearance of it. Even if it’s moving the pipes in the bathroom to make room for storage or a washing machine.

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To renovate is to restore or revive something. The general function of the original structure is still maintained and only the physical structure is restored. If the bathroom was being renovated, it can be a replacement of fixtures, new tiles or a fresh coat of paint.

Who does what?

Renovations can be subtle in nature and sometimes will just need a handyman, plumber, electrician or carpenter. If the changes are too big or if you want to remodel, you’ll need an architect, a contractor, or an engineer to make sure the changes are structurally sound.

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Since renovations are mostly cosmetic, they’re cheaper than remodelling. The costs incurred during a home remodelling project are more because of additional materials and labour. Also, the time needed is much more. Renovation can add a fresh look to a dated property or room but remodelling would mean to update functionality like knocking down a wall to make a home office or a nursery.

Importance of difference

Knowing the correct (remodelling and renovation) meaning is important when you need to communicate with your broker or potential buyers of your home. Saying your home is newly renovated means something entirely different than newly remodelled. Also, when you communicate with your contractor, you now know the correct terms.

Home Improvement: 6 Popular Types of Home Renovation

Home Instead of moving out, more homeowners are choosing to reside in their same homes, and make certain changes to make it more livable. Since times are changing and families are growing, the house needs to keep up as well.Home

Here are some of the most common and popular home renovations that are undertaken these days:

Bathroom/Kitchen Renovation

These are the most common types of renovation. They not only increase the comfort level of the homeowners, but also increase the resale value of the house by making it more current. Kitchen renovations are mostly done to create more space, storage or to update appliances. Bathroom renovations are mainly to increase the luxury.

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Upgrading Fixtures and/or Appliances

These kind of changes are done mainly for comfort and sometimes appearance. They include upgrading the air conditioning or increasing the capacity of the plumbing or electrical systems. They can also include adding luxuries like fancy shower heads or a bath tub.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance renovation projects include mainly repair work like fixing the electrical or plumbing system. They can also be new paint jobs, replacing doors/windows or polishing the furniture and word work.

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Additional Space

To create more space one can extend parts of their house or turn marginal areas into functional, livable spaces. The latter is the most common one and it’s mostly done to create home offices, a den, play area or a guest bedroom.

Energy Saving

To reduce costs, homeowners might opt for adding windows to have more natural light, or add renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Interior Design

These kind of renovations are mostly for appearance. These include changing the flooring (tiles), paint, upgrading appliances, installing new cabinets and more.

Budget-Friendly: 5 Easy Tips to Reduce Home Painting Cost

Painting your home is like giving it a makeover and your home sweet home needs that every once in a while. But this makeover can cost you big bucks. If you are looking for ways to cut costs on your home painting, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will give you five easy tips to reduce home painting cost.


Calculate How Much You Need

Measure your walls and have an accurate estimate of how much paint you need. A little leftover paint can be helpful for you to cover up holes or dings but if there’s too much, well it’s a waste of money and product.

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Prep Up Yourself

You can save money and time by prepping up the house. You can move the furniture, cover doorknobs, switches and keep your home ready for the painters to come in and do their job.

Always Choose Good Quality

Pick up quality paints as it’ll need fewer coats as compared to cheaper ones. Buying cheaper paint will also wear off soon, so you’ll not be saving; instead, you’ll be spending more to repaint the house soon.

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Avoid Primer If You Can

There are some paints that are self-priming and will save you the cost of buying a primer. It is only required when you are painting a dark colour over a light one or if the walls are rough, otherwise, you’re good to go.

Hire Professionals

Instead of doing it yourself and taking the risk of messing it up, get the job done right the first time by hiring professionals. These professionals will not mess up the task and it will save you the cost of redoing the whole thing if you fail.

5 Renovation Ideas to Give Your Office a New Look

Deciding to renovate your office is a big decision but one that can benefit everyone. It can create the right work environment, make employees feel valued and also impress customers and clients. If you’re deciding to make small or big changes to your workspace, here are some renovation ideas that can increase productivity and make the office look amazing.



If you’re thinking of making some changes to the office, why not give it a fresh new look? Offices are usually painted white, cream or other neutral colours. These do very little for the imagination and energy levels of the employees. Brighter colours will get people excited and maybe even motivated. If getting the entire office painted a brighter hue seems too much, even just one wall or one cabin might be enough to do the trick.

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Breakout Areas

A breakout space is not necessarily an area for an employee to get a break from work. It can be a space where one or two people go just to be in a more informal setting (away from their usual desk) to focus and get a task done. It can even help get the creative juices flowing. Offer comfortable seating and different colours and textures. A sofa or a bean bag would be great.

Collaborative & Private Working Spaces

Open offices usually have plenty of collaborative working spaces. To allow for more easy collaboration you can replace some chairs with benches so employees can just scoot closer when they need to work on something together. You will still need a few closed workspaces for certain tasks that require privacy like appraisals or even interviews. For this create dedicated spaces or booths away from disturbances.

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Adjustable Workstations

Adjustable and ergonomically-designed workstations make employees happy and can really boost productivity. Create spaces that allow flexibility to the employees so they can work sitting down or standing up or any other way they feel most comfortable.

Go Green

Take steps towards becoming more eco-friendly like making sure all areas have garbage segregation facilities, using recycled paper and furniture, installing motion-sensor lighting, etc. You can maximise the use of natural light and also add some greenery around the office.