Greener on the Inside: How to Use Indoor Plants as Décor

If you’re tired of leaving the city every time you want to see some greenery, indoor plants are what you need. Apart from making your home more comfortable and breathable, they add to your interior décor and make the space more attractive.


Here are some fun ways on how to display houseplants.

No Space? Use the Walls

Plants don’t have to take up too much space – you can even grow them on the wall. Wall-mounted plants are clean and interesting and can turn any room into a lively space. You can even use shelves to showcase the plants.

Corner Piece

A tall plant (like the snake plant) can be placed in the corner to give the space some height. You can use a mud or metal pot and can even cover the top of the soil with white pebbles. When there’s space between two pieces of furniture, this pot can be just what the room needs.

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Cups and Saucers

Use old ceramic or china cups or bowls to place your succulents in. The give the plant a quirky touch. Succulents are easy to grow and don’t need much looking after. They can placed on your desk, the kitchen counter or even the bathroom.

Herbs and Spices

Plant your herbs like basil, coriander, mint, etc. in labelled mason jars or pots and place them near the kitchen. You can even try a hanging garden for them.

Be Wise About the Vessel

The pot doesn’t just add to the décor of the room, it accentuates the beauty of the plant. So choose the right pot for each plant. Customize your pots, consider using a fish bowl – get creative.

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Stop and Stair

If you have stairs inside your home, arrange pots (preferably of different shapes and kinds) all along the steps.

DIY Planters

There are plenty of DIY ideas on using plants as decorations and making pots for them. Our favourite – a vintage book planter. Here are the steps:

  1. Glue the pages together
  2. Cut out a square in the pages
  3. Line the hole with plastic
  4. Add your succulent
  5. Trim the plastic around it

Bathroom Garden

Place a plant or two in your bathroom to add some style (and natural air purifiers). Bathrooms are usually bland so a pop of green can look lovely. Besides, this way you won’t forget to water them. You can place a small white pot on your sink or have a draping plant on a shelf.

The Elegant Element: Gorgeous New Home Décor Ideas

Elegant You don’t have to break walls or repaint the house if you want to add a new decor look to your space. Here are some of the best home decor products to rejuvenate your living area.


Floral Prints

There’s something almost timeless about floral patterns. Interior design experts believe that floral prints will be making a comeback this year. Choose bold, contrasting colors on large fabrics like curtains, chairs and throw pillows.

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Potted Plants

Bring in some of the outdoors. Introducing a bit of nature in the form of potted plants makes any space look fresh and lively. Bonzi, ornamental plants are some of the popular choices to add life to one’s living space. You can also consider placing a plant on your work desk.

Bold Lampshades

It’s time to replace the old white lampshade with more interesting lighting pieces like wicker lamp shades, or one that’s pleated or has quirky patterns.

Curved Sofas

Curved sofas are becoming quite popular as this stylish furniture makes the living room look comfortable and current. In most rectangular rooms, curved sofas divide the room beautifully and look good from all angles.

Abstract Geometric Art

The geometric trend is everywhere and when framed and put on a wall – it adds a pop of colour and pattern to any casual space. Choose fun shapes, patterns and colours depending on the other items and colours in the room.

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Woven Pieces

Baskets and other artisan accessories placed around the house can add a unique mix of pattern and colour to a room without being too in-your-face. Since they are handmade, they add character to any space.

Bold Accents

A new trend is to go for bold accent pieces, be it an ottoman sofa or a lounge chair in a bold colour (or print), or add a quaint touch with interesting textured pieces like a wooden basin or lampshade.

Warm Colour Schemes

If you’re thinking of getting some painting done and looking for ideas – try warmer colour schemes. Earthy brown hues, for example, make spaces feel a little more homely and inviting.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage lights like lanterns and copper pendants are becoming increasingly popular. Ideal places for these lights would be the dining room or the kitchen.

Metal Accessories

Metallic items or accessories like candle stands, clocks, bowls adds some shine and charm to the room. Look for items in rose gold, silver or gold. Even for your bathroom fixtures and hardware; golden brass tones are subtle and warm and are a great substitute for the usual stainless steel.

What is M-Commerce and its Types

M-Commerce, short for Mobile Commerce, is a branch of commerce that deals with the digital transactions made from the smartphone. It doesn’t require physical contact between two people for sending or receiving the money.


In other words, we can say that M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a form of e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access online shopping platforms without needing to use a desktop computer.

Examples of M-commerce –  

  • In-app purchasing
  • Mobile banking
  • Virtual marketplace apps like the Amazon mobile app or a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.  
  • Mobile ticketing

Types of M-Commerce

M-commerce can be categorized by function as either mobile shopping, mobile banking or mobile payments. Mobile shopping allows for a customer to purchase a product from a mobile device, using an application such as Amazon, or over a web app.

A subcategory of mobile shopping is app commerce, which is a transaction that takes place over a native app. Mobile banking includes any handheld technology that enables customers to conduct transactions.

This is typically done through a secure, dedicated app provided by the banking institution. Mobile payments enable users to buy products using a mobile device. Digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, allow a customer to buy a product without needing to swipe a card or pay with physical cash.


The different types of Mobile Commerce are-

1. Browsing for stuff online on your mobile – This type deals with surfing for stuff online like looking for Groceries, Daily essentials, and electronics. We’re talking about dedicated apps, optimized websites, or even social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram that allow in-app purchases or linking to online stores.

2. Purchasing app-delivery stuff (Food delivery or e-commerce apps) – This type deals with the services related to ordering things like food, cab pickup, and others.

3. Mobile banking – Mobile banking is the method that involves accessing the features of the bank using online methods. The transactions are made from specific apps designed by apps, though some financial services companies are now experimenting with chatbots or messaging apps to deliver customer service.

4. Mobile App payments(Google Pay or PayPal) – This type primarily focuses on making payment transactions through apps. The user is required to register their credit or debit card and then use it whenever they want.

5. Purchasing or renting digital content (Netflix, Spotify, etc) on a mobile device – This involves buying or renting online services like Music Streaming, Video Streaming, or commodity-based on a rent basis.

6. Mobile person-to-person payments(Venmo or Xoom) – This type involves sending money from one person to another, be it for buying stuff or sending it to someone in need. This type of transaction can be made by sending money to someone’s number or to their bank account directly.

How Mobile Commerce Works?

With most m-commerce enabled platforms, the mobile device is connected to a wireless network that can be used to make online product purchases. For those in charge of developing an M-commerce application, important  KPIs to monitor include the total mobile traffic, the total amount of traffic on the application, average order value, and the value of orders over time.

Similarly, tracking the mobile add to cart rate will help developers examine, if visitors are becoming customers. M-commerce developers may also be interested in logging average page loading times, mobile cart conversion rates and SMS subscriptions.

In terms of mobile payment products, they operate through a form of peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. Once a mobile device is paired with a bank card’s information, the phone can be waved over a payment terminal to pay for a product. This contact less payment via a mobile device is feasible due to the use of Near Field Communication(NFC).

Applications of Mobile Commerce-

Mobile commerce has entered into all spheres of our daily lives like- finance, retail, telecommunication, healthcare, information technology, sales and services. Need for M-commerce has increased multi-fold in recent times because of the ease of functioning and accessibility they offer.

Some of the applications of mobile commerce are-

1. M-Commerce for finance

2. M-Commerce for Retail and After sale Services

3. M-commerce & Mobile ticketing

4. M-commerce & Mobile marketing

5. M-commerce for mobile entertainment

6. M-commerce for hotel reservations

7. M-commerce for Healthcare & Medicine

8. M-commerce for Information

9. M-commerce for Gaming

10. M-commerce for Intra-office communication

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Advantages of M-Commerce

  1. Increases the amount of customer retention by being easily accessible to them
  2. Wider variety of commodities and services
  3. More options for selecting the product
  4. Convenient for the consumer to compare the pricing, product reviews, and making purchases without the use of a computer.
  5. Multiple options for payments like the credit card and debit card payments,
  6. Better user experience

Disadvantages of M-Commerce

  1. The technology required to set up M-commerce at the moment is very expensive. The initial cost to begin a business is very high.
  2. In developing countries, the network signal is not very good and the providers are not capable of providing good speed. Due to this, it is not suitable for data transfer.
  3. There is a risk of security- Although it is quite safe these days, there is always a chance of data leaking and intrusions.
  4. A poorly designed app can lead to lesser number of purchases because of customer dissatisfaction.
  5. Mobile payment is still not available across many locations in the world.

Future scope of M-Commerce

M-Commerce is rapidly expanding in today’s time. Everyone is busy and they don’t have the time or energy to go to the market and buy stuff for them. Instead, they prefer ordering from their home itself. The biggest trend for M-Commerce is its market share/ growth. M-Commerce spending in 2018 was calculated at $501 Billion and it is expected to grow more to $740 Billion by 2023.

Major Trends for M-Commerce indicating Great Future Scope-

  1. The mobile wallet market will grow to $5.3 trillion by the end of 2020 – Mobile wallets have made our life easier by reducing the hassle of carrying a wallet with us everywhere. It offers the convenience of making as many transactions we want by just storing our credit or debit card details just once. A proof of this trend is the fact that the market size of mobile wallets has grown from $1.65 Trillion to $5.3 Trillion between 2013 and 2020.
  2. M-Commerce market will see new contenders between 2020 and 2025 – Currently, the payment markets are captured by old players like PayPal, Google, Apple, and SAP. But in the coming years, you can see the increase in the number of new contenders capturing the majority amount of market share. They will bring more opportunities for customers and share the market share more uniformly.
  3. The mobile commerce revenue is expected to hit $3.56 Trillion by 2021 – The revenue generated has been increasing with each passing year and will touch $3.56 trillion by 2021. This is proof of the increasing demand for mobile-based shopping.

M-Commerce Key Statistics & Insights-

To help you understand the potential of mobile commerce, check these insights and key statistics:

  • 96% of Americans own a cellphone.
  • 8 out of 10 Americans shop on their Mobile devices.
  • Mobile commerce is expected to outgrow non-mobile commerce in 2021.
  • Mobile digital advertising spend is double that of desktop advertising spend—$71 billion was spent on mobile advertising in 2018, while only $37 billion was spent on desktop.
  • On Black Friday of 2018, 66% of shopping was done on mobile devices.
  • In 2021, mobile commerce sales will account for more than half of total e-commerce sales.
  • Today, one-third of purchasing decisions is influenced by researching products on mobile devices.
  • More than half of retailers already have a mobile app and over 50% of the rest is going to build one soon.
  • In mid-2019, mobile e-commerce spending in the United States reached a smashing $41.2 billion.
  • The total number of US-based shoppers who make mobile purchases will reach 168.7 million.
  • The volume of mobile commerce sales will be more than double between 2017 and 2020, reaching $ 336 billion this year.

Renovation Trends That Are Sure to Win Hearts In 2020

Renovation With change being the only constant, we humans tend to ‘change’ things periodically and that applies to all aspects of life, but for now we’ll concentrate on changes in the renovation industry! This year, instead of resolutions , how about renovations? Renovations are a great way to improve your mood, health and quality of life.


Here are a few renovation trends that are expected to dominate the first year of the decade!

  1. Ace of Eco-friendly Space

With a lot more focus on the environment, more people are opting for green and sustainable lifestyles. The changes can be minute yet impactful, like replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or installing showerheads that use less water. Bigger renovations like installing skylights or solar panels are great ways to save energy and reduce cost, while doing your bit for the environment.

  1. No Paint. No Gain

Repainting walls, doors or even windows of a single room can make a huge difference to its ambience. In 2020, three-tone kitchens are expected to be popular. The colours of the wall, furniture and cabinets, all in complementary colours can create a pleasing asymmetrical pulse plus define zones or functions.

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  1. Lower Your Walls

This popular development will create quite a stir this year! It involves  an amalgamation of neighbouring walls or just no wall! Homeowners are opting for ‘more room’ by opening up living spaces. The living, dining and kitchen are made to resemble one magnificent room. This makes the home look larger and  feels a lot airier.

  1. It’s Just Personal

Homeowners are now able to choose colours and patterns for almost anything. Fixtures like door handles, faucets, and even window sills can be personalized according to their individual taste. Mixed textures and fabrics, customized color blends, and tailored designs can make any house a unique home.

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  1. Escape to Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are truly adorable! They are becoming more functional, with additions such as  storage and seating space, some homeowners are squeezing in a cooktop, a bar, a food-prep area and more! The ‘ends’ of the islands are also being utilized, with options like a mini fridge, an appliance charging station or a pull-out chopping board coming into play.

You don’t have to follow the new year new you drill! It can mean a significant change ‘around’ you; your entire home or your favourite room, anywhere is a great place to start.  Call in the experts at Housejoy and let them bring your renovation vision to life.

8 Unique and Creative Ways to Put Up Posters

If you thought posters are only for children’s rooms and hostels, think again. Depending on the kind of poster and how it’s displayed, it can make a room look anything from cool to classy.Posters

Here are some ideas on unique and creative ways to put up posters.

Use it as a bookend

Place framed posters on a shelf like book ends. This way you don’t have to hammer a nail into your wall and your books can stay upright.

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Pant Hangers

Use pant hanger to put up your artwork. This look neat and makes it easy for you to keep changing the posters.

Dedicated Poster Wall

Make a collage of posters on one wall. The posters can be of different size and shapes and have a few other art pieces in the middle.

Big poster, small frames

If you have a large poster, you can cut it up into smaller ones (preferably of the same shape and size) and put them all up close together or a little apart.

Exam Clip Boards

Like the pant hanger idea, using a clip board as a poster frame gives you the freedom to keep changing the poster or picture.

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Colourful Tape

Create a border for the posters with coloured or glitter tape.

Clothes line

Just like hanging up photographs with clips on a clothesline, you can hang up your favourite posters for a modern look.

Thin rope / twine

Here’s another simple and stylish way to put up your favourite artwork. Create a half frame by attaching two wooden sticks to the top and bottom. Then hang it on the wall with a rope or twine.

How to Make a Luxury Home on a Tight Budget!

Who doesn’t want to have a luxury home that will leave everyone who steps in speechless? But of course having a luxury home comes with a price. If you’re looking for tricks and secrets to have your home looking like a million bucks without spending a bomb, then you are on the right page!


Here’s a list of ways to make your home look luxurious without spending too much.

Flower Power

When we say this, we don’t mean expensive bouquets of flowers, we mean just flowers! You can pick up a few simple (cheap) ones. The trick is to get creative with how you arrange the flowers and what you place it in. The greenery will not only scream sophistication but also help brighten up the place.

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Pillows Can Make a Difference

You ask how pillows can add a luxurious feel to your home? Well imagine this, a neutral grey sofa with a pop of mustard (pillows), or even better, a white bedding with golden silk pillows. Now, do you know what we mean by “pillows can make all the difference”? So swap your dull boring pillows with ones that add life to your home.

Keep it Neutral

If you’ve been to a hotel or even looked up ‘luxury homes’ on Pinterest, you would have noticed that the colors used are neither masculine nor feminine but just neutral hues. Keeping your furniture neutral with a pop of blue or gold or having your walls painted with neutral shades will add that luxurious depth.

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Less is More

Follow the philosophy of keeping it minimal and you’ll surely thank us. When you are picking out pieces for your home, make sure you think it through. Ask yourself the following questions: “does my home really need this?”, “does it add an aesthetic appeal to my home?”, and so on. The same should apply to what you showcase on your shelves as well.

Make a Few Investments!

By this, we don’t mean super expensive investments but a few not-so-expensive ones with a longer shelf life that will definitely make your home look and feel luxurious. Invest in a classy dining table, sofas, and if you can, add on a false ceiling for chandeliers. Don’t hesitate to transform your kitchen into a state-of-the-art modular one.

Cool Signs: Codes and Modes of Your AC Remote

Cool Do you fiddle with the AC remote until you get the AC to do what you want? And then find yourself reaching for it again 20 minutes later to repeat the fiddling process? If so, then you’re not doing yourself or your AC any good. Here are explanation of the codes to help you understand what each button on the remote does.


This will help your AC last longer, reduce your electricity bill and keep you from repeatedly reaching for the remote.

AC Remote Symbols Decoded

Cool Mode:

This is the default mode on which the air conditioner runs to cool the room. You can adjust the fan speed and temperature. To save electricity while using this mode – it’s best to set the temperature at 25 degree centigrade.

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Dry Mode:

This mode is helpful in humid conditions or tropical cities. It makes the AC act like a dehumidifier and removes the moisture from the air. The fan runs at a low speed so electricity is also saved when you use this mode.

Fan Mode:

This mode is used to ventilate the room and blow out the stale air. This is a good energy-saving mode as the compressor is off and the fan is running. But it is as good a ceiling fan as there is cool air coming from the AC.

Heat Mode:

Your AC can also act like a heater and blows warm air until the set temperature is reached.

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Power Saver Mode:

This mode starts off the same as the cool mode. But in the cool mode the fan is always running while in the power-saving mode, when the desired temperature is reached, the fan as well as the compressor get switched off, thereby saving electricity.

Turbo or Quick Cool Mode:

Turbo mode helps cool or heat the room faster by having the fan run at maximum speed for about 30 minutes when you switch it on. The temperature and fan settings cannot be changed when you use Turbo mode

Sleep Mode:

This mode helps save electricity as you sleep. It increases the temperature set by one degree every hour.

6th Sense Mode:

Some ACs have the 6th Sense Mode which automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the temperature of the room.

We hope that this decoding of the modes will help improve your relationship with your AC and keep you from throwing the remote against the wall. If you want your AC to last longer, get it serviced regularly.

7 Tips to Design an Ideal, Functional Home Office

Design For your home office, you’ll need a quiet place where there’s not much activity. You’ll also need a place that excites and motivates you. So pick a corner that’s bright and away from distractions. The size depends on your work and your needs.


If you have clients coming in, you’ll need a whole room, but if you just work from home a few hours every day, a quiet nook by a window with a folding table might be enough.

Things you will need

Before you start shopping for furniture, write down what you’ll need for your work. Things like – a photocopying machine, a separate phone line, how many plug points, etc. Then think of the things you’ll need right at your fingertips and buy / design your desk accordingly.

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Make it personal

Since you have the luxury of planning this office as opposed to the cubicle in an actual office, add some personality to it. Place potted plants or art pieces around the room. You can even have a lounging chair and a lampshade to relax on or take a breather between stressful work calls.

Colour to Inspire

This room should make your creative juices flow and make you feel ready to get things done. So don’t stick with boring colours for the walls. Pick a colour that you love and you’d like to be surrounded by.

The right chair and the right view

Invest in a good ergonomic chair and place it in front of something that’s a good break from your computer screen. This can be a window or even a pretty painting. They say it’s good to look away from your screen every few minutes to keep your eyes and mind healthy. So let the view be something interesting.

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Pick a spot that has plenty of natural light. This will help with the eye strain and headaches you probably get in the office. Position your screen so that there’s no glare from the window or overhead light.


Place things near your desk (or around the room) that inspire you. Your favourite books, a framed picture of your family, inspirational quotes or even a map of the places you wish to visit. These things can motivate you and remind you why you’re working.

How Does Customization Work in Interior Designing?

Interior How many times have you wished for the perfect design elements to complete your home decor dream only to settle for something that didn’t quite hit the mark? Yes, agreed that may be a necessity at times to keep to a defined timeline. But when it comes to your personal space, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your desires. Plan ahead in time and opt for custom-made furniture.


Different Kinds of Customization

You can get style defined pieces within your home to reflect the theme you want to showcase.  Whether you want customized wall designs for your child or a walk-in closet for your shoe collection, choose trusted interior designers such as Housejoy who promise to deliver top-notch quality work with a team of qualified interior designers and architects.


Want separate compartments for clothes, jewellery, ties, socks? Not a problem! Wardrobes can be customized to suit all your accessory needs.

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TV Units

Television is a synonym to family-time, placed in the living room where guests are seated in most cases. Therefore, having it stand out aesthetically is a must. Some people opt for understated magnificence while others choose stark elegant contrasts.


Adopt from an array of modern designs in kitchens. If you have a cook, you can choose to have two kitchen spaces built – one with durable and the other with delicate utensils. Island kitchen makes it easier to cook and cut, and is a favourite trend.


Bay windows combine architectural flare with the bliss of natural light. Interior designers get creative with sunroofs and ventilation as well.

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Parents, grandparents and children can have their respective rooms personalized. Simply discuss the preferred theme with your architect and have them bring it to life just as imagined.


Lights have the power to change your mood, and so, never take it lightly. Use it to your advantage as it can also help strategically highlight important areas of your home.


This is something that everybody needs yet seldom spend enough time thinking about. Smart Storage spaces can be built underneath the staircase, above wardrobes, in separate compartments within the kitchen (for unused utensils) and more.

Our advice would be to do your research, choose a trusted designer who can implement all these personality-infusing elements into your home, and continuously keep an open line of communication so you’re an integral part of this beautiful journey.

Look Good. Be Safe: Let the Salon Come Home

Before you opt for our salon-at-home services, we want you to understand that our priority will always be your safety. Rejuvenating you comes next.


Everything is sterilized. Everything!

Our experts are mandated to sterilize every single piece of equipment they use. From their tools to the bag they carry them in. Even single-use disposable kits are sterilized as an added precaution.

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We are always careful

Before entering your home, experts will check their own temperature and once again ensure that their equipment is properly packed and intact. No risk of torn gloves or masks.

What happens with kits, stays with kits.

Our experts use single-use kits which are disposed of immediately post service. Even the Sanex strip and chair cloths are one-time use only.

No secrets at your salon at home!

You can ask the expert to show all the equipment to you before service. If you wish, the expert will check his temperature and double-check on his equipment.

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Your wish is our command

The service will only start after every check has been made to your satisfaction. If you feel that the precautions aren’t up to your mark then you can refuse the service on the spot. The service is only rendered after your approval.

Your safety is the priority. We’ll say that again and again.

All experts are equipped with masks, disposable gloves, sanitizers, and thermometers. Our experts will wear a mask throughout the service and will constantly sanitize. We request you to kindly sanitize the space in which you want your service and take all the necessary precautions.

We couldn’t be more careful and yet we will go the extra mile when it comes to pampering you! We aim to do render services with utmost precaution so that you can enjoy a well deserved, relaxing beauty treatment that you’ve waited months for. It’s time to get rid of the lockdown look.