7 Brilliant Decor Hacks That You Must Know

The smartest way to spruce up any room of a home is to indulge in some cheeky, contemporary decor. Be it a statement piece that you’ve spent the years’ salary on or grandma’s trusty kerosene lamp that still has that faint aroma of nostalgia, decor does the trick. Here are 7 simple hacks to create magic in the sacred space that you call home.


Go big or go home

Bigger is better, and that applies to art as well. Bring in a ‘larger than life’ painting, preferably ones that portray bold strokes and bright colours and make space for it on your white wall. You may also combine a set of smaller frames to mimic large artwork. In the world of ‘instant’, this is the quickest fix to an otherwise dull wall.

Green is the new black

We highly recommend you get the greenery inside; small houseplants are a great way of doing that. They even purify the air around you. Choose Peace Lilies and Snake Plants as floor-mates, sweet Succulents and Chinese Money plants as your desk mates, and some pretty Polka-Dot plants or Oxalis as shelf mates; they won’t disappoint.

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Rustic weds Vintage

Pairing rustic, earthy furniture with some vintage furnishings is a match made in heaven. Mix rustic decor such as exposed bricks or weathered furniture with restored vases or vintage units of well-known brands. Impress the guests, effortlessly.

Shelf desk for oneself

Desks that tend to occupy the whole floor are definitely passe. These desks are far from the norm; Shelf desks and simple single desks are not only functional but add a touch of minimalistic elegance, be it to a bedroom or the living area.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s got the coolest room of them all? Mirrors are not just reflective surfaces that you look at before rushing out the door; they have evolved and add a touch of glamour to your home. Use fragmented mirror styles, oversized curved mirrors, or tiny mirrors with large, edgy borders to make your surrounding space seem larger than it is.

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Be LIT Decor

Lights are not to be taken lightly. From quirky metal chandeliers that can brighten dim corners, retro jute rope lights with incandescent bulbs, to mason jar lights that add a bit of warmth to desks, you can’t go wrong with these light particles.


Giving attention to outdoor decor is just as important. Creating a water element around the house is good chi. A calming koi pond, a water garden, miniature retro fountain, or even a charming bird-bath can provide an upgrade to your yard.

These decor solutions pack a mean punch when it comes to adding charm and elegance to your home. Upgrade your decor quotient with Housejoyrenovate your house and give your home decor the boost it deserves.

Renovation Trends That Are Sure to Win Hearts In 2020

Renovation with change being the only constant, we humans tend to ‘change’ things periodically and that applies to all aspects of life, but for now we’ll concentrate on changes in the renovation industry! This year, instead of resolutions , how about renovations? Renovations are a great way to improve your mood, health and quality of life.


Here are a few renovation trends that are expected to dominate the first year of the decade!

  1. Ace of Eco-friendly Space

With a lot more focus on the environment, more people are opting for green and sustainable lifestyles. The changes can be minute yet impactful, like replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or installing showerheads that use less water. Bigger renovations like installing skylights or solar panels are great ways to save energy and reduce cost, while doing your bit for the environment.

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  1. No Paint. No Gain

Repainting walls, doors or even windows of a single room can make a huge difference to its ambience. In 2020, three-tone kitchens are expected to be popular. The colours of the wall, furniture and cabinets, all in complementary colours can create a pleasing asymmetrical pulse plus define zones or functions.

  1. Lower Your Walls

This popular development will create quite a stir this year! It involves  an amalgamation of neighbouring walls or just no wall! Homeowners are opting for ‘more room’ by opening up living spaces. The living, dining and kitchen are made to resemble one magnificent room. This makes the home look larger and  feels a lot airier.

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  1. It’s Just Personal

Homeowners are now able to choose colours and patterns for almost anything. Fixtures like door handles, faucets, and even window sills can be personalized according to their individual taste. Mixed textures and fabrics, customized color blends, and tailored designs can make any house a unique home.

  1. Escape to Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are truly adorable! They are becoming more functional, with additions such as  storage and seating space, some homeowners are squeezing in a cooktop, a bar, a food-prep area and more! The ‘ends’ of the islands are also being utilized, with options like a mini fridge, an appliance charging station or a pull-out chopping board coming into play.

You don’t have to follow the new year new you drill! It can mean a significant change ‘around’ you; your entire home or your favourite room, anywhere is a great place to start.  Call in the experts at Housejoy and let them bring your renovation vision to life.

Dinnerware on Display: 7 Ways to Display Crockery

Crockery One of the latest design trends has been to use dinnerware as part of the interior décor. But not everyone displays their dishes just for show, some of us don’t actually have the storage space for them.


Whatever your reason for wanting (or needing) to leave your crockery in the open, here are some ideas to do it creatively:

#1 Crockery Cabinet

This one is obvious. If you want to display your crockery but still want to keep it simple and easy to maintain – use a glass-door cabinet. If you really want to highlight particular pieces or antique dishes, fix in some lighting or place other decorative pieces with the crockery.

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#2 Modern Bookcase

You can even use one of those long box-type open storage boxes to store your dinnerware along with other showpieces, cookbooks, spice sets, etc.

These simple racks are a classic and striking way to display your plates, saucers and trays. You can fix it in your kitchen or beside the dining table or even on the side of cupboards and cabinets.

#3 Open Rack/Shelf

These simple racks are a classic and striking way to display your plates, saucers and trays. You can fix it in your kitchen or beside the dining table or even on the side of cupboards and cabinets.

#4 Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a great way to display crockery and also super convenient when it comes time to use it. Have guests over? Just push the cart and unload the things you need.

#5 Artwork on the Wall

Hang up the important or quirky dishes on the wall to give the room a cosy feel. Pick out the pieces that work well together and go with the paint colour and the colours of the other linens in the room.

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#6 Hanging from the Ceiling

Great use of space would be to create a hanging storage rack from the ceiling. You can even add an island or chest of drawers beneath it so convert the entire area into a functional and fun space.

#7 Hooks for Cups

If you have cute vintage teacups or even some fun colours and prints, you can easily display them by just adding hooks to your existing storage cabinets. It also makes it convenient to just grab a cup when you need to pour yourself some coffee, instead of opening cabinets or fumbling around some drawers.