The Elegant Element: Gorgeous New Home Décor Ideas

Elegant You don’t have to break walls or repaint the house if you want to add a new decor look to your space. Here are some of the best home decor products to rejuvenate your living area.


Floral Prints

There’s something almost timeless about floral patterns. Interior design experts believe that floral prints will be making a comeback this year. Choose bold, contrasting colors on large fabrics like curtains, chairs and throw pillows.

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Potted Plants

Bring in some of the outdoors. Introducing a bit of nature in the form of potted plants makes any space look fresh and lively. Bonzi, ornamental plants are some of the popular choices to add life to one’s living space. You can also consider placing a plant on your work desk.

Bold Lampshades

It’s time to replace the old white lampshade with more interesting lighting pieces like wicker lamp shades, or one that’s pleated or has quirky patterns.

Curved Sofas

Curved sofas are becoming quite popular as this stylish furniture makes the living room look comfortable and current. In most rectangular rooms, curved sofas divide the room beautifully and look good from all angles.

Abstract Geometric Art

The geometric trend is everywhere and when framed and put on a wall – it adds a pop of colour and pattern to any casual space. Choose fun shapes, patterns and colours depending on the other items and colours in the room.

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Woven Pieces

Baskets and other artisan accessories placed around the house can add a unique mix of pattern and colour to a room without being too in-your-face. Since they are handmade, they add character to any space.

Bold Accents

A new trend is to go for bold accent pieces, be it an ottoman sofa or a lounge chair in a bold colour (or print), or add a quaint touch with interesting textured pieces like a wooden basin or lampshade.

Warm Colour Schemes

If you’re thinking of getting some painting done and looking for ideas – try warmer colour schemes. Earthy brown hues, for example, make spaces feel a little more homely and inviting.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage lights like lanterns and copper pendants are becoming increasingly popular. Ideal places for these lights would be the dining room or the kitchen.

Metal Accessories

Metallic items or accessories like candle stands, clocks, bowls adds some shine and charm to the room. Look for items in rose gold, silver or gold. Even for your bathroom fixtures and hardware; golden brass tones are subtle and warm and are a great substitute for the usual stainless steel.